Turning Data into Insights

using raw data to driver performance through:

Real time display

Executing changes

Improving digital operations

A better way to manage


Together with our clients we use technology to gather every aspect of company data to help drive productive decision making, while all the while supporting each aspect of the client’s digital presence, from cloud hosting, to customer acquisition, to design and integration.  Avenue Insights is a turnkey approach to making the most of what the Web has to offer.

Insights and Change

This is where the magic happens. With your data in our Data Warehouse service, we can now analyze & find avenues that you never knew existed. We can now turn that data into actionable knowledge.

We then execute changes across your digital operations and marketing programs


Spending effectively? Are you able to attribute EVERY dollar spent on advertising to actual revenue? Together, we can develop a performance marketing program with attribution back to revenue--even if it doesn't come through your website.


Data driven decisions

We will transform your digital operations and marketing using data and proven experience. That includes data collection and tooling such as real-time dashboards, ad-hoc reporting interfaces, and push reporting.

Take the guessing out it.

Drive marketing

We go beyond what Google Ads (formerly AdWords) along with Google Analytics does for tracking. We track what was previously untrackable and this means a provable return on investment. Grow your marketing with confidence.

If you're only using Google Ads, you're also missing a whole universe of other opportunities which we can unlock such as Chat Bot.

Improve Elsewhere

Other than just marketing, we can use our toolset and experience to drive improvements elsewhere. Your website? Sure. Your sales process? Of course!

Use our CRM to manage your contacts. You can setup email marketing campaigns, charge credit cards, and build alerting workflows so you make sure you're optimizing your sales process.