About Us

Avenue Insights: one of the world’s leading data driven consulting firms utilizing AI, predictive analytics, employee measurement algorithms, and global experience to drive dramatic growth for your organization.

The majority of small to mid-size organizations rely on generic readily available tool sets, or sometimes no tool sets, to collect data and measure outcomes, forcing blind spot decision making which makes it difficult to scale customer acquisition and challenges a company's growth trajectory.

Developed by two c-suite executives who transformed their own organization from one reliant on generic tools and instinct to one guided by measurable analytics, Avenue Insights focuses on bringing a customized toolset to drive growth.

Avenue Insights has already delivered results to multiple corporate beneficiaries. Some examples are below:

Client 1: Social Networking

  • 28 consecutive quarters of top line growth with margin improvement from 34% to 51%
  • ROI on marketing spend improved to 209% while growing from $80 thousand to over $1.6 million a month in spend

Client 2: Immigration Law

  • After over a decade of flat revenue; increased revenue 1.5x in 8 months while preserving profit margins
  • 4x marketing spend with provable return on investment

Client 3: Real-Estate Law

  • Grew revenue 10% at the same time the market shrank 30-40%
  • Identified and attributed revenue/cost to various activities to allow for profit driving efficiency gains

Client 4: Administrative Services

  • Identified key drivers of sales and increased bookings by ~20% with-in 6 months after years of flat growth

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